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Welcome to Artists4Space.com

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Artists 4 Space is an inclusive multi-faceted educational program that teaches the important techniques used to turn ideas into reality through art and design. Art has always played an important part in the development of technological advancement. Through the program, students and other visitors to the complex see how artists play a key role in creating visions of the future for NASA.


Artist’s concepts inspire and inform people. Illustrations and models make highly technical subjects easier to understand. They are used in all phases of the development process from ideas on napkins, to the realization and celebration of success.


Participants are introduced to these concepts through live, on-site demonstrations by working artists that create art in various mediums. They view presentations and have the opportunity to create their own art and participate in an art show with other artists.


The goals of the Artists 4 Space Program:

Educate – The program teaches important skills that transcend the world of art. Students and visitors learn the importance of vision, research, developing a process, creating concepts, developing studies, overcoming obstacles, choosing the correct materials, and following through to the finished product. These skills translate into all future endeavors. Students learn how to observe and better understand the world around them. It leaves students with a tangible memory which they have created.


Celebrate – The Artists 4 Space Program honors our proud heritage of exploration by creating a link to past, present, and future accomplishments. It celebrates the collaboration of science and art, working together to reach a common goal. Students participate in an art show which instills a sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

Inspire – Art has always been a source of inspiration. It has the power to breathe new life into an otherwise daunting world. It propels our ideas forward, boosting our confidence to accomplish things that before seemed impossible. The Artists 4 Space Program makes the space program a real and tangible part of the participant’s lives, giving them a better understanding of how dreams are realized. The mission of this program is to inspire the next generation of creative and forward thinking artists no matter who they are and what field they choose to work in.


The Artists 4 Space Program uses proven methods developed and successfully implemented by artist Don Gillespie throughout his 37 year aerospace and multi-media career.

The concept combines the use of:
• Scientific research
• Technological advances in tools, materials and methods
• Input from engineers involving future aerospace concepts
• Fine art skills and techniques
• Math skills such as proportioning and accurate measuring
• Sound design principles that convey a clear understanding of composition
• Listening skills and note taking
• Educational training classes
• Performance art
• Many forms of media including digital and social media
• Kinesthetic learning methods

This immersive method supports a full spectrum of learning modalities. Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning, students are taught in an interactive and entertaining way. It engages all the senses to optimize the retention of the information.


The mission of the Artists 4 Space program is to Inspire the next generation of creative space explorers.


• Every age group and ethnicity will become more engaged in an entertaining and fun way with NASA and its role in pioneering future space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research.

• Beyond supporting the arts and educating the public about past, present and future NASA missions, people will gain a better awareness of the role that visionaries and concept artists play in human space flight.
• Participants will learn how to communicate their ideas in a way that is interesting and exciting.
• Greater awareness will be developed for NASA, The Kennedy Space Center, and Visitor Complex through the use of social media and other media outlets.


The Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex supports this initiative and is providing classroom space as well as other resources. Please join us in support of this very important program. The Barbaro-Gould Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3), whose mission is to facilitate the global cultural exchange of art, music, literature, and film. All donations are tax deductible. Please designate your donation as, “Artists 4 Space”.

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